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2 months ago
Today is the halfway mark! How goes your progress? Are you where you want to be? Don't forget that there are online sprints to attend to help bolster that word count.
3 months ago
Daily writing prompts are being posted on our official website [] if you need a nudge to help you.
3 months ago
1 day left. Are you ready?
3 months ago
Four days left until NaNo. Are you ready yet?
3 months ago
Please update our official website bookmark. We now have our own web address:
3 months ago
We have in-person write-ins scheduled this season. One at every library branch. Please check the calendar below for locations, dates/times.
6 months ago
Hiya everyone! Kisha here. I'm back in the saddle and gearing up for 2018's NaNo. I hope everyone is doing well. I'm currently updating our website and calendar to reflect some of the changes we are trying out this year.

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Welcome all Wrimos in or anywhere near Citrus County on Florida's Nature Coast. We are proud of our numerous published and aspiring authors. Writers rock!
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